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  1. gday mick . ive been inmproving my tricls recently by building me a wee 12 by 6 garden shed. a total departure from messing with landcruisers. ive beenn off line for about 4 weeks now so only just got your message. there are agents that secure and export 2nd hand cars in japan. most of the LWB landcruiser im guessing would be ex governmnet probably , the best sort to get is a fire department/rescue wagon as they usually have low kms and would have been kept in tip top condition. biggest problem with getting a landcruiser from Japan is that the yanks know this is were the best ones are so the prices can get verily high.

    i did have a bookmark somewhere for an irish based importer for sports cars from japan, have a flick thru autotrader in the sports car section. these lads could probably source you something.
  2. H,i tonka hows tricks, mick ere i am wornding would u know anything about buying a bj in japan or about them places?or how u would go about it.Hows the rebuild going 4 u? thanks mick.
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