this toy is to be totally stripped, panels and chasis sandblasted , and will be back in better than showroom condition.

Its an Irish 1982 BJ40RV-KC. I havent given it a name yet as it hasnt earned one yet. (most likely it will be "remortgage", or "in the red" or something in the vein)

Its diesel (b-engine) and its 24volt. Seller told me theres a water pump leak problem and it showed when i test drove it.

heres the baby near home (Rostrevor CoDown) the who it came from just outside Gorey.

Front. note rust at bottom of panel, common enough that replacement sections of that panel are available. looking at the wagon straight on you'd think theres something not right about it. and youd be thinking right. the front panel has been nudged out of line.

me mate jet washing the engine bay out after soaking it in sprayed diesel for a couple of hours. this angle shows the extent of the lower rear quarter panel. A previous owner had started sandblasting this side and quickly got disheartened.

Passenger side rear. again the rust monster has got hold. replacement panels come in fibre glass, aluminum, steel and ever stainless steel (built by a former Airbus craftsman in France). on these old machines whereever theres a join of metal there is usually rust.

the Wheel carrier ..more holes drilled in the body for more rust.. and extra strain on the rear quarter panel. also show sthe rear sill another favourite hangout of the tinworm. By the who that low slung tow bar has gotta go.

the windscreen surround. notoriusly full of rust..not this one . fibre glass roof polished up good after jetwashing , theres a small crack to sort out on it.

again the rear passenger side. looks lovely doesnt it, but dont trust everthign you see on the internet, thats mostly fibreglass with rust underneath.

A door. normally on the 40 series the rubber on the window shrivels and falls down into the double skined door, letting in water with nowhere to go except thru steel. this passenger side door is the worse of the 2 and aint too bad in my mind.

after a mornings work we had the interior and body washed down, heres a piccie of it getting a belly rub.

The previous owner had started sandblasting the car, and quickly got disheartened or ran out of sand.So i pasted white radiator over all the exposed bare metal.

I took a claw hammer to the fibre glass bodge jobs on the BJ40 and took all the measurements i could get on a phishy windy irish day.